About the ACONET Association

The 'Association for the Promotion of an Austrian Scientific Data Network', abbreviated 'ACONET', was founded back in 1986. The Austrian scientific data network 'ACOnet' (www.aco.net), originally funded by the Ministry of Science within the framework of this association and established under the responsibility of the Vienna University of Technology, has been operated by the University of Vienna since 1992 and has been further developed together with its participant organisations. The ACONET Association still serves as a user advisory board to the operator.

All legal entities that participate in the Austrian scientific network ACOnet and have signed a participation agreement can become full members of the association.

In particular, non-profit institutions of research, education and culture in Austria can become ACOnet participants – and subsequently ACONET association members. These include universities, universities of applied sciences, academies, schools and educational institutions as well as art and cultural institutions. Other participants – e.g. from the fields of health care and public administration – can also affiliate, provided that their requirements are compatible with ACOnet's operating concept.

For more information on the ACOnet knowledge network, the ACONET association and a directory of ACOnet participant organisations, please visit www.aco.net.

Since July 2020, the ACONET Association has also been a shareholder of ACOmarket GmbH. This means that all members of the ACONET Association who fall into the category of 'public contracting entity' can now obtain services from ACOmarket GmbH free of charge by exercising the in-house privilege.