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Security Scorecard

Since mid-June 2023, ACOmarket has been offering a new toolset for evaluating and improving cybersecurity at greatly reduced 'academic' conditions.

By means of 'Security Rating', this inexpensive software makes it possible to obtain an external view of an organisation's systems and a rating of its externally visible settings, based on the combined experience of data from several million customers. Ten risk factors are taken into account (Network Security, DNS Health, Patch Cycle, Endpoint Security, IP Reputation, Application Security, Cubit Score, Hacker Chatter) and incorporated into a report. The Security Score Card team advises and supports customers, e.g. experts help configure the rating. Admins can be trained on the solution.


Our contact person for Security Scorecard:
Roland Swoboda (Dipl. Ing.)
Phone: +43 670 603 5386

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