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KIRAS Project 'ASOC'


ACOmarket is part of the FFG 'KIRAS' project ASOC - Conceptualisation of a Federated Academic Security Operation Centre coordinated by SBA Research.

Together with the other project participants, we are developing concepts for an academic SOC and designing and testing a corresponding technical solution for education, training and research for the universities.

This joint approach is intended to support Austrian universities in the task of protecting their digital infrastructure and significantly increasing cyber security by utilising optimal synergy effects and developing proactive measures, attack detection and countermeasures for all participating SOCs.



  • Conceptualisation of a federated academic SOC based on open source technologies in order to maintain digital sovereignty
  • Development of a corresponding maturity model for universities
  • Secure and data protection-compliant federated data storage
  • Testing methods for AI-supported threat hunting
  • PoC of a lab environment for testing the methods and solutions and for further use in research, training and teaching
  • Clarification of legal and social issues of an academic SOC

Our contact person for the KIRAS project 'ASOC':
Alexander Sevelda
Phone: +43 670 608 7671

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